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Frequently Asked Questions

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing FAQs

Why Choose BasicPCB for PCB Prototyping?

  1. High Quality 100% USA Made PCBs
  2. It’s fast! Turnaround as fast as 4 days
  3. It’s cheap! Get PCBs as low as $3 each
  4. Order very low prototyping quantities
  5. FREE shipping

How can BasicPCB offer offshore pricing on US Manufactured PCBs?

BasicPCB was created specifically to meet the needs of electronic design hobbyists, makers, and professionals that are looking to have their quality PCB prototypes made in very low quantities, cheap, and shipped in less than a week.

BasicPCB focuses only on two sets of printed circuit board specs and does not offer any high-tech features or special processes and we do not provide custom quotes.  By focusing only on the basics we are able to pass the savings on to you.  Automation has also allowed our 100% USA made PCB service to stay competitive with offshore PCB manufacturers without cutting quality or turnaround speed.

While other US PCB manufacturers must extend their lead times to weeks and lower quality to provide lower prices on their PCB prototype offering, BasicPCB relies on its fully automated “self-serve” model without the need for sales representatives or added labor expenses.

What is the difference between ValueSpec and BasicSpec printed circuit boards?

BasicPCB offers two ways to order your PCB prototypes.  The most cost effective way is our ValueSpec option.  This option is great for those that want to save the most and do not have specific preferences on specifications such as soldermask color, silkscreen color, and board thickness (see full list of specifications on our homepage).

BasicSpec is the option that guarantees your printed circuit boards will be fabricated on .062” thick FR4, with green soldermark, white silkscreen, lead-free HASL, and 1 oz. copper.  When you choose our BasicSpec, the PCB specifications will never vary and your order will ship in just 4 business days.

Has BasicPCB services been rated by an independent third-party?

Yes!  BasicPCB is rated as a Top Company on Trustpilot with an Excellent 9.5 rating (on a scale of 0-10).  Check out what customers are saying about our quality, responsive service, quick turnaround, and pricing by finding us on

Do all orders receive FREE shipping?

Yes!  All printed circuits board orders from BasicPCB include USPS Standard shipping within the U.S.  International shipping is not yet available.

USPS Priority is an available option for all orders when faster shipping is desired for a small fee.  USPS Priority delivers orders in 3 business days or less.

Can BasicPCB manufacture custom shape PCBs?

Yes!  You are not limited to rectangular printed circuit board prototypes.  If there is an outline specified in your Gerber files, BasicPCB will create the PCB with the custom shape specified.

What happens if I do not submit an outline for my PCB design?

If you do not particularly care for your circuit board to have a custom shape, then there is no need to provide an outline.  When an outline is not provided, BasicPCB will create a rectangular outline for you.

Does BasicPCB have cut-off times for printed circuit board manufacturing?

Yes.  When a customer initiates a PCB quote, our quote calculator takes into consideration the time of the day the order is being placed and calculates a Ship Date alongside your quote.  The calculation for turn-time begins the first business day after the order is received.  If an order is placed after 8:00 P.M. EST, the order will be received the following business day.

Can BasicPCB provide custom quotes for specific PCB requirements?

In order to keep prices low, BasicPCB does not offer custom quotes for specific requirements.  Please refer to our ValueSpec or BasicSpec printed circuit board specifications listed on our home page.

Which PCB design software do I need for manufacturing my PC boards with BasicPCB?

BasicPCB does not require a specific PCB design software in order to manufacture your PCBs.  Any PCB design software that is able to export your project in Gerber format will work.  Once you have exported your Gerber files, please upload them to our website as a .Zip folder and do not forget to embed a tool list in your Excellon drill file, or provide one in a separate text file. Common file extensions for Tool Lists are .tol and .rep.

What happens if there is a manufacturing issue with my boards?

We stand behind our work.  In the rare event that you received a PCB from BasicPCB with a manufacturing issue, we will be happy to replace the damaged pieces at no cost to you.  Simply provide us with your order number and let us know about the issue within 30 days of your order.  For detailed information about refunds/defects, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

What happened if there is a delivery or shipping issue?

BasicPCB is able to track your package and verify that the correct shipping address was used (as received by the customer).  If a package has been marked “undeliverable” by USPS for any reason, we recommend that the customer calls USPS’s automated system to schedule a re-delivery of the undelivered package (1-800-275-8777).  The redelivery may be scheduled to your local USPS office for pick-up, or an alternate location.  BasicPCB is not responsible for unauthorized returned packages by the carrier and we cannot be responsible for delivery errors, delays, or lost packages caused by carrier.  For more information, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Can you manufacture my PCB if it has plated or non-plated slots?

In order to keep prices low, BasicPCB does not support plated or non-plated slots.  In the case of slots, the order will be processed with a single drill hit in the center of the location of the slot (replacing the slot).  The single drill hit will be the size of the width of the original slot.  Boards will not be placed on hold before the modification is made to replace the slot.

Can I have internal cut-outs or internal routing in my design?

In order to keep prices low, BasicPCB does not support internal cut-outs or internal routing.  Boards submitted with internal cut-outs or internal routing will be processed without being placed on hold.  The internal cut-outs or internal routing features will be removed and boards will be manufactured without them.

Can I submit arrays for manufacturing with BasicPCB?

In order to keep prices low, BasicPCB does not support multi-part arrays.  Customers must submit their PCB designs as a single board and specify the quantities needed in our PCB quoting calculator at the time of order.